What is hhc?

Eisai's corporate philosophy includes the realization of human health care (hhc).

hhc means thinking about patients, their carer(s) and their families as we go about our daily work. We seek to understand life from their perspective – their joys, needs, wants, hopes and fears – as we strive to satisfy the unmet medical needs faced by patients and healthcare professionals.

We believe that in order to truly consider the perspectives of patients and their families, it is important for each employee to first get close to patients and see the situation through their eyes to learn to pick up on thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words. It is this concept that is the starting point for all of Eisai's corporate activities. Accordingly, the Eisai Group recommends that all of its employees spend 1% of their working hours with patients.

Our corporate philosophy is understood and internalized by each employee within the Group, both in Australia and overseas. This understanding is then shared and implemented in the daily business activities of all Eisai employees, and serves to effectively transcend nationalities, national borders, and gender and age.

We fulfil our obligation to society by considering the perspectives of patients, their families and the global community overall, developing a response to their needs, verifying the social benefits of this response, and finally by making this response available to the world before anyone else.

This is the hhc that Eisai aims to realize.

hhc human health care Logo Black

The Group's Philosophy Logo mark combines inspiration from the life and dedication of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), who made enormous contributions to the development of the nursing profession and public health, with our own Eisai hhc philosophy. As such, the script for the logo is modelled on the signature of this prominent figure, who we regard as having played an immense role in the history of modern-day nursing.

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human Health Care

Job code Corporate-EU0005 / Date of preparation September 2014