Eisai is committed to undertaking effective product creation activities through the pursuit of open innovation that leverages its drug discovery expertise in the area of neurology. The company has been collaborating with U.K.-based University College London (UCL) for over 20 years since 1990 as part of its drug discovery target research efforts. This partnership entered a new phase in 2011, which will see Eisai and UCL engage in joint research in the neurodegenerative disease arena including biomarker research, namely research related to neuroinflammation, neurovascular/mitochondria, and proteostasis. With regard to the development of platform technology, Eisai is also working in partnership with National Institute of Radiological Sciences (cerebral PET imaging), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (novel animal models) and Kyoto University (non-human primate models). Eisai views the collaboration with JHU as a new opportunity to uncover the causes of disease and discover therapies that target these causes as it seeks to make further contributions to address the diversified needs of patients and their families and increase benefits provided to them.

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