Our hhc Philosophy

human health care

We work within an agreed set of principles to provide meaningful differentiation for Eisai as an organisation. This has helped us to become established as one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical companies. First amongst these principles is the concept of human health care (hhc).

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our work at Eisai prioritises patients and their families, through our focus to continually improve the benefits that health care can provide. We call this human health care, or hhc.

hhc means that patients, their carers and families are at the forefront of everything we do at Eisai. We continually strive to understand life from the patient’s perspective, including their needs, wants, hopes and concerns. We work together to fulfil the unmet medical needs faced by patients, their families and the healthcare professionals that treat them.

Eisai - human health care - Elderly
Eisai - human health care - Staying Active

Living the Philosophy

At Eisai we take our corporate philosophy very seriously and all employees are encouraged to dedicate 1% of their working time to carrying out hhc activities in order to gain a better understanding of a patient’s reality. This equates to approximately two working days throughout the year. hhc is also part of everyone’s personal development plans and forms part of employees’ objectives.

human health care

hhc helps to focus and motivate all of us who work here at Eisai, whether we are researching potential new medicines, conducting studies, working in manufacturing or informing healthcare professionals about our medicines.